Creating Demand for the Products We Represent in the Channel

Competitive EDGE connects the dots between products, sales, marketing and distribution.
Not only do we represent our partners’ products but we actively promote them to specifiers, work with the print community to ensure they’re knowledgeable about the product, and work with the distribution channel to make your products available to the printer for just-in-time delivery.


New Product Consulting  

We provide expert vertical information tailored for Retail. We work with retail and event visual merchandising specialists as part of your ideation group. We educate product specifiers, architectural design firms, ad agencies and print fulfillment agencies, bringing a broader view on new materials you may not have heard of and introducing you to exciting new sustainable print products.


Innovation Consulting

Competitive EDGE can help you identify new products that open doors to new customers, with a fine tuned distribution channel and ready-made pull through. Normal sales organizations focus on only one of those channels. But our time in the industry has taught us the value of addressing all three. We help wide format print companies find innovation to present to clients to differentiate their offering and stand out from an increasingly competitive field. We work with the print community to ensure they’re knowledgeable about the products we represent, both in how to use them and how to quote them. Competitive EDGE also works with distributors to ensure their product will be available once demand is piqued.


Expert Product Consulting

Maximize your opportunities by carrying products that have not only been vetted by our experts but already have buzz and interest going. With long-term relationships across the industry, Competitive EDGE is a trusted partner, able to drive confidence with distributors to take on emerging and legacy products. Simply put, we help you source what sells. Each of our subject matter experts brings a following of people they’ve teamed with in the past to their next relationship, as well as the ability to make introductions to qualified manufacturers.


New Channel Navigation Consulting

Innovation in the wide format market has transformed opportunities for plastic and paper product manufacturers. Competitive EDGE delivers 360-degree channel broadcasting that reaches all the stakeholders and go/no go modeling that determines whether a product has legs in the wide format marketplace. We also provide area representatives to support brands with products from new to mature stages, delivering a unified message with one point of contact for all of North America. Our track record of bringing innovation to the channel in launching many successful products helps you put your best foot forward and create pull for your products. Then we ensure adequate supply at distributors and create demand to ensure the channel is prepared for success.

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